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Bambrella® guarantees your new parasol against faulty workmanship and defective materials.

The standard warranty is 60 months for residential use and 36 months for commercial use with the Levante Range and Infinity Range, there is a 36 month warranty for both commercial and residential use with the Side Wind range and 24 months for residential use with the Sirocco range. The period of warranty is calculated from the date of purchase. This is in addition to any of the rights the customer may have in law. This warranty is not intended to modify or limit such rights. This warranty is given subject to the following conditions:

1. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the Bamrbrella® parasol is correctly mounted in a suitable base or anchor fixing system, taking in to account the size of the Bambrella® Parasol and prevailing weather conditions.

2. The Bambrella® parasol is to be used, having regard for the prevailing weather at the time of use. You must take additional care in windy conditions. Bambrella® does not recommend or warrant the use of their parasols in winds exceeding 25mph (40 kph). The parasol must also be collapsed when left unattended.

3. Any modifications made to the Bambrella® parasol, except those made by an authorised Bambrella® agent, may invalidate the warranty.

4. This warranty does not cover repairs which are necessary because of an accident or because of careless use of the Bambrella® parasol. This includes care and maintenance. Bambrella's bamboo parasols need to be oiled at least once a year using a water or oil based preservative. If your parasol was purchased before May 2017, you will need to use an oil based preservative. Any parasol bought after May 2017 will be a water based finish.

5. This warranty does not cover damage of the Bambrella® parasol caused from or by wind, fire, theft, vandalism or misuse.

6. This warranty is for the benefit of the original purchaser of the Bambrella® parasol and does not apply to any subsequent owner.

7. If you fail to comply with any of the conditions of this warranty, your failure may invalidate the warranty or any claim made under it.

8. The material covers are not guaranteed by this warranty but by each manufacturer for the different materials available. Please visit to see what protection is offered for the relevant covers.

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