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Bases & Accessories

We offer a range of bases to suit your requirements. If the parasol is free standing the weight of the base is determined by the size of the umbrella and what wind conditions it is open too. Please contact us for further advice.

Cement Base Granite Base
Concrete bases: (Available in 110lb.) Granite bases: Available in 55lb and 154lb


Spare Covers
Protective Covers
All our covers come with an extension pole, which is fitted into a channel in the cover; this enables you to easily place the cover over the top of the Bambrella® while zipping it down for final protection and storage.
Spare Covers
Bambrella® replacement covers are conveniently packaged and available in a variety of colors, materials, sizes and styles all our Bambrella® parasols and other depending upon suitability.

Bambrella Parts

bambrella parts

Location Of Parts

location of parts